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I'm the Chairman/ Founder Director of EICBI. Europe India Centre for Business and Industry ( EICBI ; Pronunciation: EYE - BEE ) is an independent, nonpartisan organisation which promotes business opportunities across various sectors in Europe and India. EICBI was formed with the intention of making European companies aware of the business opportunities in India and vice versa. he mission of the organisation is to promote trade and investment between India and Europe, and to provide a platform for companies and businessmen who wish to become part of the India- Europe trade community. 

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I am the Managing Director of Sivaleen foundation for Developed India (SFDI). S FDIis a non governmental organisation to promote economic development and skill development in India. S FDI has been granted license number 115423 by Indian government under Section 8 (1) of the companies Act, 2013 .  The rationale behind the formation of this foundation is to undertake various activities in India and European Union for development of trade, commerce and collaborations between businesses, trade bodies, elected officials and other stakeholders in India and European Union so as to encourage foreign direct investments into India, thereby helping to create jobs for the people in India and bring about economic development of the country. 


The foundation also intends to imparts various skill development activities like makeup course, hair styling courses so as to encourage people, majorly women, to become entrepreneurs and set up their own skill-based businesses like beauty parlours, makeup studios, become freelance makeup artists etc, thereby playing a role in contributing to India’s economic development

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Face Palette -

I'm the Director of Dela Beauty Products & Services Pvt Ltd, which owns the brand "Face Palette". The ventures focuses on all things makeup - training, products and services.  The Face Palette aims to give an insight into the world of makeup artistry, share knowledge about basic and advanced makeup tips and tricks, get different looks, review about products and make all you beautiful people out there... even more glam, pretty and confident. 

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I'm the RSA Connector ( India Ambassador) for RSA whose patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Society was founded in 1754 and was granted a Royal Charter in 1847. Charles Dickens, Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker and Stephen Hawking are some of the notable RSA's members. The RSA members are still among the innovative contributors to the human knowledge, as shown by the Oxford English Dictionary.